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Our Hair Reborn Story

Why we understand your journey.


In the beginning

This was my mum before her cancer diagnosis. Her hair was her crowning glory and very important to her. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the beginning of 2018. She was up for the fight and began her chemotherapy. Over the years in my hairdressing career I have helped many people through the changes they have with their hair during cancer. This was different and I learnt a huge amount.


First Hair Cut

As her hair started to fall out we decided to cut it short. 

 1. It would be less hair lying around as it fell out. 

2. If we cut her hair like the wig she had it mind it was not going to be  such a shock to her friends and she would have time to get used to it.


The Wig

We went to see a wonderful guy in Southend. Michael Roberts wig specialists. She chose a short wig without shine. We had planned to pay the high cost of a real hair wig and we were advised not to . Being a hairdresser I was skeptical about this. He was right. We chose an unshiny synthetic wig that just fell back into place once washed.


The hair regrowth

When your hair starts to grow back it it will possibly be very different. Some is very curly some will be white it may be very fine and fluffy. With my mum we kept her hair very short in the early stages until it had settled down and then we let it grow to see how she felt growing it and to find a style that she liked.

Our Hair reborn story continued


Finally a style

It took a while but eventually we were able to cut the hair into the first style. My mum had never styled short hair which was hilarious to me so there were a few lessons. She had never heard of products!


Our final style

Mum decided to keep her hair shorter as she had got used to styling it and it was finer than it used to be. We added, when we able, a few lighter pieces to enhance her natural grey and grew the layers down keeping the edges short.


Round 2.

Sadly after being in remission my mums ovarian cancer returned she had a different experimental treatment which meant her hair did not fall out but thinned. We went back very short.


Round 3

After her experimental treatment was relatively successful the cancer made a return this time she was given very strong chemo and her hair fell out. This time she opted for a range of coloured hats as she had at times found the wig itchy.


Where we are now!

My mums hair has grown back curly. She has now been diagnosed with two brain tumours one recently removed and is about to go through radiotherapy so Im interested in how this affects the hair.

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